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April 1, 2013
National Retailer Laser Targets Its Marketing via a Marketing Data Warehouse & Analytics
It's common sense. The better you know your customer, the more persuasive and relevant your marketing messages will be. The step where most marketers stumble is on the "how." Here's a case study where ICS helped a national retailer create an easy-to-use marketing data warehouse that centralized all of their customer and sales lead data. Simply layer in some analytics, demographic and psychographic enhancements, then you're on the fast track to marketing offers that move your customers to action.

Your Peers Plan Big Investments in Data Management and Analytics in 2013
A new study, Data-Rich and Insight-Poor: Marketers Planning to Turn Information into Intelligence in 2013, finds that marketers will be making serious investments in data management and analytics. To download the full report, follow the link above. Or, you can view this blog for a quick summary of the findings.
  • How will you go about getting a clearer picture of your customers in 2013?
  • How will you use the insight to create more targeted, persuasive marketing messages across multiple channels? Not sure? Just call ICS for help.
  • Plus, here's an overview on ICS's Marketing Data Warehouse to get your ideas flowing!

Replace Your Crystal Ball with Analytics to Predict Who Will Most Likely Purchase Your Product
As part of a new luxury sedan launch, an Automotive OEM used a series of events in key markets where consumers could get and up-close experience with the new product. The challenge for ICS: Create a strategy to find and attract event attendees with the highest propensity to purchase the luxury sedan (a.k.a., "Audience Acquisition Strategy"). ICS developed custom analytic models to identify high value prospects. Then, segmented this list and tested three integrated marketing strategies (email and direct). This case study overviews the project and results, including a 300% lift in identifying new potential owners!

Q: What's the best prospecting list for my business?
A: Your current customer list.

That's right. The best prospecting list is identified by FIRST profiling your current customers. This insight will not only guide you to the best prospecting list, but will also point the way in geographic targeting, messaging and channel. This ICS blog post shows how better information yields better results. Take a look and comment. I'd like to hear about your prospecting strategies for 2013.
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