July 2013
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ICS Data Enhancement Test Improves Sales Conversions by 41% for a National Franchise Client

We suggested to a national franchise client that they could get more sales conversions from their existing prospect data. Here is a case study on how we tested data enhancements, such as demographic and geographic targeting, to see what impact it would have on turning more prospects into customers. We also talk about how analytical modeling will help our client achieve even higher conversion rates. Also, here’s a related article from Chief Marketer, “Big Data is Good, But Big Testing is Better.” Spring-board from these ideas…test/analyze your own data for more sales conversions!

Self-service Marketing Automation Tools vs. Marketing Automation Service Providers

Which path is right for your business? Many of you are overwhelmed in trying to answer this question – especially with so many automation tools available.

Here are a few tips to finding the right path for your business:

  • First, know that you don’t have to invest several thousands per month to get a successful email marketing program launched.
  • When considering marketing automation tools, think about your true end-to-end costs (including the time/cost of your staff).
  • Do you have people available on your team who can manage your email marketing (and the new software)? Think about your team’s level of marketing expertise, their ability to manage the software and strategically create email campaigns that grow your business.
  • Investigate the level of support – if any – you can expect after purchasing the email marketing automation tool.
  • Ask tool suppliers/service providers how they would go about solving your specific business challenge.
  • Here is a helpful post on 6 Marketing Automation Lessons I Learned the Hard Way. Our favorite is #6: The Vendor’s Marketing Expertise [and Experience] Really, Really Matters.

Still not sure which path to take? Just call us. We’ll give you honest guidance to find the right email marketing path for you.

3 Tips from Top Automotive Marketers on How to Drive-up Response Rates & Sales

Some marketers are outperforming their peers in terms of ROI, better response rates and sales. What are they doing in their direct marketing programs that you may or may not be? (Hint: AutoNet - the most comprehensive, automotive prospecting data.) This ICS blog post talks about three common factors among top Automotive Marketers and their best performing programs. If you’re a marketer in automotive or related sectors, please post a comment and share your tips for growing business too!

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