1st Quarter, 2014

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Big Data & What It Means to Your Business in 2014
According to a recent IBM study and an article 5 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2014, most marketers still feel unprepared to deal with big data. Maybe it’s the vast amounts and sources of data. Or, maybe it’s the velocity of growth that just keeps speeding along. Here are two tips to alleviate your big data anxiety:
1. Breakdown and apply big data into something meaningful to you, such as in-depth consumer insights, better decision making, predictive modeling for better prospecting/customer loyalty, laser-targeted marketing (across channels and in personalized messages/offers) and engagement between you and your customers.
2. Make the “big-ness” of the data less overwhelming by teaming with a proven partner who can quickly and cost-effectively analyze big data, blend it with your current data and turn it all into actions that grow your business. (Sources: ICS, Chief Marketer, CMO)
Psst…Here’s a Peak at Your Peers’ 2014 Budgets & Industry Trends
U.S. marketers are spending 67% more this year (11% of a company’s total revenue) and those dollars are heading toward the digital front (including email, analytics, SEO, PPC, online advertising and social). Surprisingly, events are making a comeback. Not so surprising, traditional advertising spending is taking a hit again. Even though spending is up, marketers still want to stretch and track the impact of each dollar.

Here’s a great video recap of the CMO Survey Findings from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Note: Video marker at 4:44 where analytics challenges are overviewed and how marketers are still struggling to prove impact to the bottom line. Plus, here’s a quick look at 2014 spending by channel and the top 2014 email initiatives and hurdles.
(Sources: ICS, Duke University, Marketingcharts.com, DMNews, Forrester Research)
Case Study:
National Franchise Boosts Conversion Rates with Email Marketing Automation

After mapping our client’s entire prospect and customer communications processes, ICS created an advanced email marketing automation program. The client needed a streamlined process to manage complex communications. Our multi-layer program triggers emails from six campaigns based on a customer’s action/inaction, tracks customers from one campaign to another and reports conversion rates in real-time. Read the full case study to get ideas on how to optimize your own email marketing. (Source: ICS)
2014 AutoNet Updates for Automotive Marketers
The automotive industry’s most powerful prospecting tool gets more updates for your 2014 strategies …
Postal Data Available Almost Immediately (compared to the 7-10 days turn-around time in 2013)
Special Pricing for Email Only Records
Clients Get 100-200% Conversion Rate Boost with Acxiom’s “Pre-built” Models – Since the last InTouch, we launched Acxiom’s ready-to-use prospecting models and tracked impressive conversion rate boosts.
    In case you missed it, Acxiom’s pre-built models are a faster, less costly and more precise way to target your prospects. The models cover Vehicle Brand Affinity, In-market Propensities, Vehicle Segments, Vehicle Feature Type, Country of Origin and Financial Transaction.
Contact your ICS Account Manager to learn details on 2014 AutoNet Updates. (Sources: ICS, Acxiom)
The Race Is On: Luxury Automotive Marketers Jockey for the Millennial Buyers’ Dollars
Check-out this blog post about Millennial consumers. Learn how this insight affects your 2014 strategies and most importantly – how to find Millennials with the greatest propensity to purchase your product. Regardless of your sector, all marketers will find this a worthwhile read – loaded with great, online resource links. (Source: ICS)
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